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With the collective effort and participation of its employees and in order to ensure the satisfaction of its business partners through added value, Boreas Technology has set out the following Integrated Administration System Quality Policy (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001) and guarantees to fulfill its requirements.

Our Mission

To produce by complying with the legislation without compromise without harming the environment, human health and safety, and social values; ensuring the satisfaction of our shareholders, clients, employees and suppliers; and to become a world-renown brand that is at the top of the industrial air conditioning sector with its energy efficient, high-tech data center products and solutions.

Our Vision

To constantly stay in touch with our clients and assess their needs and requirements, to construct our goal-oriented technology production based on these needs. To ensure affordable prices for high quality production in our products with our increasing production volume and to create sustainable growth and permanent advantages.

Our Goal

Operational Excellence
Boreas Teknoloji aims to keep "Customer Satisfaction" at the highest level in order to create value for each of its customers and to provide quality services beyond the expectations of its customers. Boreas Teknoloji continues its activities by adopting the principle of customer-oriented working.

Human Capital

Boreas Technology knows that its most important component and value is human resource. We carefully track any dangers about work health and safety, evaluate any risks and take necessary precautions to minimize them. By employing qualified workforce and regularly investing in our employees, we strive to keep the employee quality at the highest levels.

Constant Development

Through investments in its employees, technology, environment, work health and safety, and business processes as well as regular audits, Boreas Technology enables constant development. We create and commission new projects for constant development and use customer complaints as a tool in process development.

Production of Knowledge

We are an institution that perpetually develops our business by transforming know-how with the belief that our future lies in being a community of knowledge.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Awareness

Boreas Technology aims sustainable improvement by considering our environmental impact in every step from the first stage of production until the devices are delivered to their consumers.