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Mobile Data Center Solutions

The emergence of technologies such as internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, autonomous vehicles and advanced robotics, mobile technologies or edge computing has induce to an increased need for faster data processing and storage.

As Boreas Technology, we generate solutions for Mobile (All in One) and Modular Data Center that we have developed with our own R&D processes, customizable and comply with international standards.


  • + Solutions are mobile, modular, and scalable systems.
  • + It can be manufactured, installed, and tested in the factory.
  • + It has fast field installation, test, and commissioning feature.
  • + Cooling and energy efficiency is high.
  • + It is high density.
  • + Complies with international data center standards.
  • + New technology data centers with monitoring, security and management systems.

Scope of application:

  • + All data center applications that do not have enough time and space for building
  • + Disaster recovery centers
  • + Public institutions
  • + Temporary data centers for large constructions
  • + Sports events and organizations
  • + Military special or temporary assignment areas
  • + Oil, energy, and gas facilities
  • + Financial sector needs
  • + Transportation, health, media, automotive sectors