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DCI Inrow

Data centers, which are the archives of the digital world, appear as one of the new generation industrial structures that ensure sustainability in technology. Data centers; Due to the servers, backup systems and IT-network systems in it, it comes first among critical facilities. Air conditioning systems are of great importance for these devices, which contain sensitive dynamics, to function correctly and to provide 24/7 uninterrupted service.

Boreas Technology has products for data center projects of companies that are leaders in their fields, with DC Master and DC Pro products specially designed for data centers. With its advanced technology, modular solution understanding and unique designs, Boreas Technology can manufacture tailor-made for data centers and offers an efficient and accurate indoor air environment in data centers with its DCI Inrow Series products. Innovative DCI Inrow Series products, consisting of 5 models in total, with cooling capacities between 8-38 kW, provide uninterrupted system security and respond to different needs.

Designed for environments such as system rooms, telecommunication and data centers where keeping the temperature and humidity at a certain level is necessary for the operation of the devices, DCI Inrow Series offers long-lasting solutions with its high quality material structure. DCI Series Inrow cooling devices are designed to be installed between cabinets; for this reason, it provides more effective district cooling compared to other cooling solutions.

General Features:

  • + It draws attention with its carcass structure, which is made of materials with high strength, long service life, and resistant to corrosion.
  • + With its hot-swap feature, it provides the opportunity to change the fan without stopping the device.
  • + With its n+1 fan structure, it continues to operate at the most efficient point without loss of capacity in case of possible fan failure.
  • + Specially designed panel design, which does not create additional pressure loss, provides convenience to service and operation teams.
  • + Thanks to the inverter compressor, the cooling capacity range can be adjusted precisely according to the needs, offering high energy efficiency.
  • + Plug fans made of high performance composite material and equipped with EC motor technology meet the high pressure and high air velocity needs optimally thanks to their special blade design.
  • + By stabilizing the condensation pressure, it ensures that the compressor operates at the highest efficiency at any load and outdoor temperature.
  • + Thanks to the PLC controlled automation system, all internal equipment is controlled from a single point.
  • + Optionally, the desired humidity value of the room can be achieved with a steam humidifier and dehumidification.
  • + With the help of energy analyzers, instant EER (Efficiency) value of the device can be obtained.
  • + It provides both space and cost savings by eliminating the need for raised floors and corridors.
  • + It provides uninterrupted communication with the building management system thanks to its compatibility with protocols such as Bacnet, Modbus, SNMP.
  • + It has been designed in accordance with the dimensions of all cabinet manufacturers.
  • + It can be operated with minimum operation cost with its remote failure notification and management features.

Application Area:

  • Data Centers
  • System Rooms
  • Telecommunications Centers