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DC MASTER Adia Mechanic Cooler

We offer the best cooling solutions for data center requirements with Boreas Technology R&D works, strong engineering know-how, and skills.

DC Master makes sure that the units operate in an eco-mode, even when the outdoor temperature and humidity levels are extremely high. The control system automatically selects one of “free cooling”, “indirect evaporative cooling”, “mechanical cooling” or “indirect evaporative cooling & mechanical cooling” modes for the highest efficiency.

High-efficiency heat exchangers are developed and tested with data center adiabatic coolers for indirect evaporative cooling mode.

Adequate air volume calculated by the control system is provided with a series of efficient EC motor plug-fans. This way, the fans operate with the lowest possible energy consumption.

General Features:

  • + Double Skin 50mm Rock Wool Insulation
  • + Thermal Bridge-Free With Steel Profile
  • + 100% DX Backup Capacity
  • + Corrosion-resistant, ERP2018 compatible Heat Exchanger
  • + Roof-type Mounting – Return / Supply connections at opposite directions

  • + Plug Fan Array With EC Motor
  • + High-efficiency Water Spraying Pump
  • + LCD Control Panel
  • + G4 Tip Panel Filter on process side
  • + G4+M5 Bag Filter on cooling side
  • + All wet surfaces and water tank are made of stainless steel