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Rack Cabinet Solutions

Today, the transfer of accessible information to digital media in a way that can be read by any computer has opened the way for users to develop new ideas, reach wider audiences and use advanced tools to manage their business.

With digitalization, the need for data, data storage and data analysis has increased considerably.

Boreas Technology Rack Cabinets are designed to be configured as needed for data centers, system rooms and telecommunication systems.


  • + They are specially designed cabinets with passive ventilation capability for the data center infrastructure, providing a minimum load carrying capacity of 1500 kg.
  • + The fully enclosed main profile system provides the best performance in its segment for high load capacity.
  • + It is compatible with hot or cold aisle closing systems.
  • + Rack cabinets have a depth of 1000/1100/1200 and a height of 42U/45U/47U.
  • + The front cover has an aesthetic appearance thanks to its Monoblock inclined and 80% perforated structure. It provides maximum security with its 4-point locking structure.
  • + During installation, maintenance and repair, all-round access to the cabinet is provided thanks to the removable side panels, front and rear doors, and top and bottom covers.
  • + It has an internal volume that can meet the wiring needs of all devices and equipment to be used inside.
  • + Thanks to the profile and carcass system all front and rear doors of the same width are easily interchangeable with each other.
  • + Compatible for seismic systems.

Field of application:

  • + Data Centers
  • + System Rooms
  • + Telecommunication Systems
  • + Security Systems