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Air Handling Unit

As Boreas Technology, we provide end-to-end system solutions for featured buildings like hospitals, shopping malls, and hotels. With our innovative understanding that supports modern technologies, we undersign projects that lead the way for correct solutions.

Boreas Air Handling Unit is manufactured with TB1 / T2 certificates, the highest Eurovent values, to be long-lived and durable against heavy working conditions. Units provide a problem-free performance for both indoors and outdoors without any energy losses under critical climatic conditions.

They provide 5th generation solutions with their composite frame and Magnelis sheet panel options. It brings its hygiene properties to a comfort air handling unit with its easily cleaned rounded internal edges and corners which do not allow the accumulation of dirt.

Adequate air volume calculated by the control system is provided with a series of efficient EC motor plug-fans. This way, the fans operate with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Application Areas:

  • Residences
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Industrial Facilities

Frame Structure:

Boreas developed a new approach for the 5th Generation Air Handling Unit in order to eliminate the problems faced in 3rd and 4th generation units.

The frame structure is composed of box profiles that are made of electrostatic powder painted galvanized steel material, thus achieving a lighter, thermal bridge free design, and superior mechanical properties.

The panel structure composed of frames that were manufactured from PVC profiles provide a thermal bridge free unit. Grade 304 stainless steel sheets and walls, joints and fastenings are used as standard components.

Thanks to the rounded angle seals used on the panel joints on inner walls, a structure that is easier to clean and that prevents dirt accumulation is achieved, regardless of the skill and experience of the installer.


The Module is sized as 102 mm based on the standard filter dimensions according to EN 779. Filter by-pass leakage is F9. This way, the interior pressure loss is decreased. Sizing is done via standard steps.

Power and Control Panel:

The power and control panel is housed within the same casing in the Boreas Air Handling Unit. All methods and applications in the design and manufacturing of the panel are done in accordance with CE instructions. In the power section, the equipment required for main power supply and distribution are located. Control card and ports that can easily be integrated with current BMS system via open protocols like KNX, Lon, Bacnet, Modbus, etc. are located in the “Control” section.

Energy Recovery:

Up to 85% high-efficiency recovery solutions as required by energy recovery specifications.


Plug fans are used to ensure that just the right amount of air circulation is supplied based on design conditions. This way, we ensure high efficiency and easy cleaning.


Drain pans are manufactured from standard 1,2mm stainless steel sheet. Double inclined design of the pan helps water accumulate on the corner. Standard coil fins are coated with epoxy with stainless steel sheet frames and collectors which are made of copper material.

Heat Recovery:

These are indispensable to ensure that air conditioning systems are designed with minimum energy consumption. Heat recovery systems apply various heat recovery types, mainly run-around.

Automation System:

Boreas Technology’s automation system offers effective, flexible and user-friendly solutions. Because it is compatible with widespread communication protocols, it can communicate with building management systems (BMS) with different features. Air conditioner unit- and process-specific software can be uploaded if necessary, which allows full control over the system.


The BOREAS Air Handling Unit is Eurovent Certified as Mechanical Strength Class D1, Casing Air Leakage Class L1, Thermal Transmittance Class T2, Thermal Bridging Class TB1, and Filter Bypass Leakage Class F9 according to the results of tests performed in accordance with EN 1886.

ISO 9001
In order to have its processes monitored and improvable within the scope of total quality approach, Boreas Technology was awarded with ISO 9001 certification in 2013.

CE Mark
As a result of tests performed in accordance with standards, the Boreas Air Handling Unit was determined to be not harmful for human, animal and plant health and for the environment, and was awarded the CE Mark.

As a result of tests performed to VDI 6022 and DIN 1946-4 standards, the hygienic version of the Boreas Air Handling unit was found to be more than capable of meeting the requirements of both standards in terms of structural properties, as well as air leakage (L1) and thermal bridging (TB1).

The structural properties of the hygiene version bearing the code BRS-H include all requisite measures against corrosion in the interior and components as well as convenience of cleaning and the possibility of maintaining and monitoring cleanliness of the unit.

Air Handling Unit Selection Software

Boreas Air Handling Unit Selection Software has user-friendly interfaces that meet all Eurovent requirements and that access database information online. It is a Windows-based selection program, which wholly defines the product, can offer a selection from the products of different air conditioning unit component manufacturers, can provide 3-surface view print outs in .dxf format, and can create complete selection print outs as per Eurovent software requirements.